Cellular Test

Once you have arrived at this point the following things should have already been completed:

- A Strike Force Wireless account (More Info Here)

- The Strike Force Wireless App downloaded (More Info Here)

- Install good quality Alkaline or Lithium batteries in the battery tray. Make sure the batteries are installed with the correct polarity, following the markings on the battery tray. For optimal performance we recommend using either Browning branded or Energizer batteries. Slide the battery tray fully into the closed potion.

- Install a New SD card that has not been used previously in other devices and has zero files on it. The recommended brands are Browning branded cards, Sandisk or Kingston. Cellular cameras will accept SD cards from 8GB to 512GB in size.

- Install the cameras cellular antenna that was included (The Ridgeline camera is exempt from this step). The antenna is attached to the foam insert on the back of the camera. Screw the antenna in place on top of the camera. CAUTION: Screw the antenna in place gently until a snug fit is reached. DO NOT over tighten the antenna as damage may occur.

Cellular Test:

Step 1: Power the camera On. Once the camera reaches the Home Screen press the 'E' (Enter) Button to manually take a picture. The first number before the slash in the series of numbers pertaining to the SD card in the screens lower right corner should now be 1. (Ex. 1/1234) This indicates a picture was taken and placed on the SD card.

Step 2: You will navigate to the LTE Status/LTE Test feature to force the initial communication between the app and camera and subsequent transmission of the test picture. To do so from the Home Screen press the Mode Button, from the Menu down arrow to LTE Setup and press the Enter Button (E), now down arrow to LTE Status and press the Enter Button (E).

Your cameras screen will now read "LTE Searching" this process can take 30 seconds or so and no buttons should be pressed. Once the camera establishes a connection with a cell tower the screen will load information such as: Signal Strength (High, Med, Low) Thumbnail Quota (Images available based on chosen plan) etc.

If your camera registers the cell tower strength as Low (Red), you may need to relocate the camera to an area with a stronger signal.

Upon a successful image transmission your image will appear in the inbox of your Strike Force Wireless account within minutes which, again, can be accessed via the mobile app or website. Remember to refresh your app by swiping down on the screen or refresh your computer screen to see the image.


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