Account Setup

Once you have purchased a wireless trail camera an account must be created to begin the process. This is outlined on Page 5 of the cameras User Manual as well as below.

- Go to

- Click 'Sign Up' at Need An Account


- You will now complete all information to create the account. This process is less cumbersome when done on a PC versus a mobile device.

- Subscription: From the drop down menu you will need to choose a plan. When you select a plan from the menu a description of what that plan entails is provided as pictured below.



- In the next section you will create the Username and Password that will be used for the account. (This will apply to both the website and the mobile app)


- In the next section you will enter the payment information. This is the card that will be auto billed monthly for the plan selected above. Please note a pre-paid card or gift card should not be used.


- In the next section your mailing address should be entered. If the mailing address is the same as the previously entered billing address then the box can be checked and only the phone number field entered.


- In the next section you must agree to the Terms and Conditions. You can click the provided link to review and then check the box that you have reviewed and agree.


- Once all of the above has been completed the 'incomplete' button should now read 'SIGN-UP' as pictured below and it should be clicked to complete the account set up process.


Your Strike Force Wireless Account has now been set up and you can now move on to downloading the mobile app and taking and transmitting a test picture. These processes are covered on Pages 6 & 7 of the cameras User Manual as well as in other articles on the Customer Service Portal.


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