Account Setup

Once you have purchased a wireless trail camera an account must be created to begin the process. This is outlined in the cameras User Manual as well as below.

- Go to

- Click 'Sign Up' at Need An Account


- You will now complete all information to create the account. This process is less cumbersome when done on a PC versus a mobile device.

- You will begin by entering your email address and creating a password. This will be what is used to log into both the Strike Force Wireless website and app once complete. Ensure you follow the listed password requirements.


- Complete the next section of user information, agree to the terms and conditions and click 'Register Camera'.


- You can now add your camera(s) to the Offline section of the Subscription Page. To do this click 'Add Camera'. 


- When the 'Add Camera' side tray opens you can add the camera by either entering the information manually or, if your model is equipped, scanning the QR code. Models that have a QR code option are the Pro Scout and Ridgeline and more information on this is provided in the cameras instruction manual. 

- If you purchased a Defender(DWC) or Pro Scout(DWPS) model you must select the Carrier that matches the model purchased as these cameras are sold in both AT&T and Verizon options.

- If you purchased any other cellular model you have the option to select which carrier you would like to use as the camera has dual carriers and are capable of both AT&T and Verizon. However, please note that once the selection is made it cannot be changed without the assistance of our Cellular Support Specialists.


- Once a camera has been successfully added it should have a solid black square as pictured in the example below. Please note the camera is still offline. Cameras can be stored in the offline section until you are ready to activate their cellular capabilities to begin transmitting. 

- Once you are ready to begin using the camera and transmitting pictures you will move the camera from the offline area to a subscription. To do this click 'Add a Subscription'.



- Once the Subscription side tray has opened a listing of all available options will be displayed. To open a subscription and read the details click the arrow. Once you have decided click 'Add'.


- Once your subscription has been added you need to move the camera to the subscription to finalize. To do this click on the camera (still located in the offline section). In the cameras side tray under the 'My Active Subscriptions' section select the newly added subscription and then click 'Update Camera'.


- The camera will now be moved from the offline area to the subscription. Everything will be in a pending status at this point. To complete the transaction you will click 'Review and Pay'.


- In the Review and Pay side tray you will see a summary of charges. You will also enter your billing information. Please note this is the credit card that will be auto billed each month for your plan. It is very important that the billing address matches that of the credit card being used to avoid interruptions in service. Once you have entered all billing information you will check that you have confirmed what is entered and click 'Submit Order'.


- Once complete the camera will have a solid black square as pictured in the example below. If you click on the camera the cameras side try will open and you should also see a Camera Status of Active listed at the top. 



Your Strike Force Wireless Account has now been set up and you can now move on to downloading the mobile app and taking and transmitting a test picture. These processes are covered in the cameras User Manual as well as in other articles on the Customer Service Portal.


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