Camera Not Transmitting


If you have a cellular camera that is not transmitting to or has stopped transmitting to the Strike Force Wireless app, we have provided the first things that should be checked as a part of troubleshooting. In many cases the culprit can be located and resolved within these steps however should this not resolve things please reach out to Customer Service for additional assistance.


1. Ensure that you have created a Strike Force Wireless account, and your camera is on an Active subscription and in an Active status.

You can check this by logging into the Strike Force Wireless app, navigating to the Cameras page and seeing if your camera is listed as Active.

In the example below the user has navigated to the Cameras page, located the camera and ensured it was in an Active status. 


2. Ensure you have STANDARD IMAGES available on your subscription. 

If you have used your subscriptions data allotment for the billing period you are currently in the camera will still be in the field working as it should however it cannot transmit anything to the app until this is rectified. From the Cameras Page click on the camera to open Camera Features. Locate the name of the subscription it is on underneath the Camera Usage section and click the link. When the Subscriptions page has opened locate the subscription and ensure you have not used your data for that period. 


3. Ensure your Billing is current.

Navigate to the PROFILE & BILLING section of the app via the MENU. At the top you will find your Account Balance. If there is a PAST DUE balance listed here that must be rectified.



4. Review your cameras Health Meters and Last Sync date and time. 

Navigate to the CAMERAS page and locate the camera. First, look at the "Last Synced" date and time. If that date and time is current this means the camera is communicating with the app but not transmitting a thumbnail. There could be several reasons for this: the camera has not been triggered to capture anything that it could transmit possibly, or something has occurred with the SD card are the two most common. See below in the article on SD card troubleshooting tips. 

Should the "Last Synced" date and time be in the past then the information displayed at the Health Meters is the information that the camera had at that time. This could reveal a culprit in that:

  • If the SD Card Meter shows Full and you do not have the SD Card Managment setting turned ON, the camera cannot take an image to send to the app. 
  • If the Signal Strength Meter shows a low signal the camera could be struggling to make the transmissions.
  • If the Battery Meter shows low batteries the batteries could have died resulting in the camera being in the field powered Off.


5. Troubleshoot the SD Card. 

If at this point you have not found the culprit, it can never hurt to troubleshoot the SD Card. If possible, you can try a new SD Card (Recommended Brands: SanDisk, Kingston and Browning. For troubleshooting purposes nothing larger than 32GB is needed.). If you cannot try a new SD Card, then it is advised to perform the Delete All function from the cameras Setup Menu (Note: This will permanently delete everything on the SD card.) and then to perform the Cellular Test to see if the problem is resolved.


6. Check/Adjust your cameras Thumbnail Upload, Photo Delay and Multishot Mode settings. 

For the purpose of troubleshooting Set your Thumbnail Upload setting to "Immediately", your Photo Delay setting to a minimum of "30 seconds" and your Multishot Mode setting to "off" from the Strike Force Wireless app. Allow the camera 24 hours to make these settings changes and determine if that resolved the issue. 

You can locate your settings for each camera via the Cameras page using the Settings icon located in the upper right corner of each camera card.




Should you have performed all checks and steps above and have not reestablished transmission please reach out to customer service for further assistance.  


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