The Strike Force Wireless Website - Overview



The home page is your Photos Page. From this page you can all thumbnails from the photos and videos that your cameras have taken and that you have not deleted from the app. Our filtering tools are designed to give you many options to use this page to display the images and/or videos that you may be interested in at different times and for different purposes. 


Click on any photo to open it and enlarge on your screen as well as access all of the available tools.


With this toolbar you can favorite an image, create and organize images by categorization, submit HD Requests (if applicable), submit colorization requests (if applicable), share, download and delete.



Please note that from the Photos Page you can batch select images to perform actions on including deleting! Simply use the Select All button located in the upper right corner of the screen. This will allow you to select a grouping of images all at once.




The Cameras Page provides access and information to all cameras on your Strike Force Wireless account. Upon coming to the page, you will see the listing of your cameras. Each camera card will show:

  • The cameras status (Active, Offline, Suspended, Error, Shared, Shared-Offline)
  • The ability to Favorite a camera (Click the Star)
  • The cameras Name, Last Sync Data and Health Meters
  • Access to the cameras Features and Settings (Click the Cameras Name or the Settings button)
  • Access to the camera's thumbnails (Click the stack of recent thumbnails)

You can also use the Filter on the Cameras Page to decide what cameras you want to see at any time. The filter allows you to filter the cameras displayed on the page by Camera Status and/or Subscription.


Accessing the Cameras Features will allow you to easily operate the features your camera has! Features such as On Demand, GPS Theft and AI Tagging are listed here is applicable to your camera model and the subscription it has been placed on.

You can Share your camera and Manage Sharing here. 

Camera specific data usage can be seen here as well!


Accessing Camera Settings will allow you to easily view and edit your cameras settings.







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