HD File Requests - Videos

Plan Requirement: While a user can run the trail camera in Video Mode regardless of if the plan the chosen allows video file transmission requests you will only be able to view the video file via the Strike Force Wireless App if you have a plan that allows for video transmission. These plans are the Hunter Plus and Guide Pro.

Example: The Hunter Plus allows for 6000 thumbnail transmissions (these encompass picture and video thumbnails), 300 HD Image File Requests and 100 Video File Requests. So out of 6000 thumbnails you can actually retrieve 100 Video Files via the request process.

Note: When a Video File Request is fulfilled, the camera will only transmit the first (10) seconds of a video. It is for this reason we would suggest to any customer who plans to do this that they set their Video Length for (10) Seconds. This way when you use one of the requests you are seeing the entire video.

Camera Requirement: Your cellular camera must be capable of transmitting videos to the app. The cameras that do not have this capability are the Pro Scout Max and the Vision. These cameras will only transmit a thumbnail of a video to the app regardless of plan; the video file can only be viewed via the SD card.


When operating the camera in Video Mode initially the camera will still send a standard image of the video. In the upper right corner of the image there will be a "Play Button Symbol" this symbol is only an indicator that the image represents a video file. The symbol is not an actual play button.

The Request Process:

Once you are viewing thumbnails and you locate one you would like to request the HD Video for you will simply click the HD button located in the top tool bar when viewing a single image.

This easy one-click HD Request process has now submitted the request to be fulfilled and the HD icon now shows it is processing. You will also get a message stating that you have successfully requested an HD Video and the details about your subscription.


Once the request has been fulfilled the HD icon will no longer have the processing rings around it and will be Browning Orange.

If you are not viewing single images and are on the All Photos page, you can see which photos have been returned as HD by the Browing Orange HD icon located on the thumbnail in the upper right corner next to the Play Button icon.

Once the HD Video Request has been fulfilled open the single image and press it so that you can access the video controls to play the video.



PRO TIPS: We have found a few helpful tips that will aid in you returning to your HD Requested Vidoes easily!

FILTERS!! Using the Video filter along with the HD filter (located in the Type filter) will show you all fulfilled HD Video Requests!

FAVORITE IT! Anywhere you see a star icon it can be clicked to favorite the photo. The next time you come to the All Photos page you can filter by Favorites (located in the Type filter) and there they will be. Besides if you are requesting the HD Video, it is likely already a favorite! 

CATEGORIZE IT! When viewing a single thumbnail use the Tag icon to create categories and place thumbnails in them. The next time you come to the All Photos page you can filter by Favorites (located in the Category filter) and there they will be.



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