HD File Requests - Pictures

When the camera takes a picture it initially transmits a standard low resolution version of the image. You have the ability to choose which pictures you want to get the full resolution HD image of by submitting a HD File Request. Each plan has a number of requests that are allowed for that month.

Example: Scout Plus Plan allows 2400 Images per month and 10 HD Image Downloads. This means out of the 2400 images transmitted you have the ability to see 10 of them in full HD quality.

The process is as follows: 

When the you open the Strike Force Wireless App it will always come to the ‘Images’ screen which shows all pictures taken by every camera you have in the order they were transmitted.

To submit a HD Request, press the “Select” button in the upper right corner of the screen.


Once ‘Select’ has been pressed choose the image or images that you want to submit the request for. Images that are selected will now have an orange outline around them indicating they have been chosen.


After selecting the image(s) a new menu appears at the bottom of the screen. From this menu many functions can be performed.

Tag Button: You can tag/categorize the photo so that filters can be used on the ‘Images’ screen to only see specific pictures/videos.

HD Button: You can submit a HD Request (For a HD Image or a Video File)

Forward Button: You can forward the image to many different social medias, email it or save a copy to their device.

Trash Can Button: You can Delete the image. (Note: this only deletes the image from the app, not the SD card.)

 To continue with submitting the HD Request for this image press the HD Button.


When the HD Button is pressed the screen below will be displayed. This is the summary and confirmation screen. It will state the name(s) of the camera, the Type of request (Photo or Video), Number of Images Selected and how many requests remain for the plan for that month/billing period.

To complete the request press the ‘Submit’ button in the lower right corner.


Now you will be taken back to the ‘Images’ screen. If finished making requests press ‘Done’ in the upper right corner of the screen.


When a request has been submitted a grey HD Symbol will appear in the images upper right corner as pictured below. This signifies that a HD request for this image is in process.


Once the camera has fulfilled the request and returned the HD Image the grey HD Symbol will turn orange as pictured below.


Note: It can be hard to really see the difference in the standard image and the HD image while still viewing inside of the app. We would advise saving the image to your device and viewing outside of the app in which the full quality can better be seen.

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