Maneuvering the Strike Force Wireless App

Each time you open the Strike Force Wireless App on your mobile device it will open to the 'Images' screen. This screen displays images from all cameras you have on your account. At the bottom of the screen there is a menu that is used to navigate the app and its functions. This menu is broken down into three categories. In this article you will be given a brief walk through of the app by category to get you going.

Section: Images


As stated above when you open the app you will be on the 'Images' screen and all images from each camera on your account will be available. Images are arranged in date order. If you want to see the images from one particular camera you can use the filter button to select that camera.


You can also use the sort button to sort the images listed by all of the options below.





Section: Cameras

To get to the 'Cameras' section in the app you will press 'Cameras' on the menu at the bottom of your screen.


Once in the 'Cameras' section you will see each camera connected to your account listed in bold writing. Underneath the cameras name you can also see the last time the app and camera synced.

To access camera specific information such as Data Usage Meters, Battery, Signal, SD Card Storage information and Settings click on the Bold Name of the Camera. The screen will open to that specific information as in the example provided below.



To access the Cameras Settings press 'Settings"


Once you are in the cameras settings the screen should look like the example below. To change a setting simply press the setting and a screen will open with the settings options. A black check mark will be beside the current setting. To change press the new selection to move the check mark beside it and then ensure you press 'Done' in the upper right corner. When the app returns you to the 'Settings' menu the change should now show. 



Section: Settings

When you click on 'Settings' on the menu at the bottom of your screen you are taken to the apps settings as pictured below. This is also how you access your Subscription Page to make changes, suspend and activate cameras and more.


Notifications Note: On this screen it will let you know if Notifications are turned On or Off. To turn the Notifications On or Off you will go into your mobile devices Settings>Notifcations>Strike Force Wireless and turn them on.






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