Maneuvering the Strike Force Wireless App

Each time you open the Strike Force Wireless App on your mobile device it will open to the 'Images' screen. This screen displays images from all cameras you have on your account. At the bottom of the screen there is a menu that is used to navigate the app and its functions. This menu is broken down into three categories. In this article you will be given a brief walk through of the app by category to get you going.

Section: Images


As stated above when you open the app you will be on the 'Images' screen and all images from each camera on your account will be available. Images are arranged in date order. If you want to see the images from one particular camera you can use the filter button to select that camera.


You can also use the sort button to sort the images listed by all of the options below.





Section: Cameras

To get to the 'Cameras' section in the app you will press 'Cameras' on the menu at the bottom of your screen.


Once in the 'Cameras' section you will see each camera connected to your account listed in bold writing. Underneath the cameras name you can also see the last time the app and camera synced.

To access camera specific information such as Data Usage Meters, Battery, Signal, SD Card Storage information and Settings click on the Bold Name of the Camera. The screen will open to that specific information as in the example provided below.



To access the cameras Settings press 'Settings"


Once you are in the cameras settings the screen should look like the example below. To change a setting simply press the setting and a screen will open with the settings options. A black check mark will be beside the current setting. To change press the new selection to move the check mark beside it and then ensure you press 'Done' in the upper right corner. When the app returns you to the 'Settings' menu the change should now show. After the picture provided below a complete list of settings has been provided.


Camera Setting Listing


Trail Cam: This setting will take still pictures of game in daylight and nighttime. This is the most widely used setting and works well for trails and feeding areas. Video: This setting will take video clips of game in daytime and nighttime.


The temperature units can be displayed in Image Data Strip in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.


By turning this option on, the camera will erase the oldest pictures or videos on the SD card when it becomes full. This allows for the camera to continue taking pictures or videos if you can’t get to the field to swap out the SD card.


Your trail camera has an information bar that is printed at the bottom of each photo or video taken. This bar shows: Temperature, Moon phase, Date, Time and Camera Name.


Your camera can be configured to a custom trigger speed of Normal (0.7 seconds) or Fast (0.4 seconds). We recommend Normal for areas where game is moving slowly, such as feeding areas. The Fast setting is typically used for monitoring trails.


Options: Low (4MP), Medium (8MP), High (12MP), Ultra (20MP)


Options: 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes. The Photo Delay setting allows you to choose how much of a “timeout” there is between trigger events both with still pictures or videos.


Single: This is the default setting. The camera will only take 1 picture when triggered.

Standard: The options available are 2 – 8 shots in this mode. The shots will happen each trigger event in a burst 3 seconds apart.
Rapid Fire: The options available are 2 – 8 shots in this mode. The shots will happen each trigger event in a burst with only 0.3 seconds between each picture. 


Long Range: This option has a flash range of 80’ and uses a low glow infrared flash.
Blur Reduction: Use this option on trails where game will be traveling fast for great shots, low glow infrared flash.
Invisible: Use this option for an invisible flash which cannot be detected.


High and Ultra are the options here, both video settings capture in 1920x1080 resolution @ 30 fps. The ULTRA setting has a lower compression rate than the HIGH setting.


Video Length Options: 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1 and 2 minutes.

Notes: To conserve battery power, your night videos are limited to a maximum time of 20 seconds regardless of the actual setting. Also, when downloading the HD file to the app only 10 seconds of the video can be retrieved.


Smart IR Video is a feature that will allow a daytime video clip to keep recording as long as the camera detects movement during filming. If the subject stands still in front of the camera and the camera does not detect movement, the camera will end the video clip. The maximum record time for a video clip using this feature is 2 minutes.


Section: Settings

When you click on 'Settings' on the menu at the bottom of your screen you are taken to the apps settings as pictured below.


The most noteworthy setting here is the Notifications setting. On this screen it will let you know if Notifications are turned On or Off. To turn the Notifications On or Off you will go into your mobile devices Settings>Notifcations>Strike Force Wireless and turn them on.






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