Suspending the Cellular Service

We recognize that there will be periods of time when the cellular service is not needed and the instructions in this article will give all details about this process. You should only suspend the cellular service for your Defender Wireless trail camera when you want to stop transmissions for a minimum of one month or longer. Once the cellular service is suspended all cellular transmissions will cease as well as the billing. The camera will still function as a normal trail camera and can be used as so if you choose.

Access your Subscription Page by logging into your account via Strike Force Wireless.

Once logged in click Subscription in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Once at the Subscription Page locate the camera that you wish to Suspend the service for. The camera will be listed underneath its Subscription.


Click the camera and the side tray for that specific camera will come up on the screen. Within the screen you will locate and click the 'Suspend Camera' button.


The message below will appear so you can confirm that you do want to Suspend the cameras service. To complete click 'Suspend Camera'.


Once confirmed you will get the successful message pictured below.


The camera will now display its status of 'Suspended'.


The cellular service and subsequent billing for this camera has now stopped. If you have more than one camera/plan you would follow the same steps to Suspend each one.

When the time comes and you are ready to start transmitting via the cellular service again you would simply click 'Restore Camera' within any specific cameras side tray to change the status to 'ACTIVE'. This will start the cellular transmissions and billing to get the camera back up and running.


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