Changing a Plan on a Strike Force Wireless Account

The instructions below will help you navigate the Subscription Page of your Strike Force Wireless Account in order to make a plan change. This works best when logging in to the account via a computer.


Log into



Once in the account click Subscription in the upper right corner of the screen to access your Subscription Page.


The Subscription Page is broken down into sections. The Active Subscriptions section lists all plans you are already subscribed to. The next section is where you can subscribe to additional plans.


In this example the user is already subscribed to the Gold Plan. These steps will show how to change the subscription to the Economy/Basic Plan. These steps are the same in any plan change.


You must first subscribe to the plan you want to change to. From the drop menu under Purchase Additional Subscription Plans select the plan you want to change to and click Subscribe.


You will get a pop up announcing a new plan is ready for setup. Click OK.


The new plan will now be listed in the Active Subscriptions section. Note the red X button. When a subscription exists but no camera/line is attached to it then it can be deleted using this button. No charges are incurred until a camera/line is activated to a subscription.


Now that you have the subscription ready you need to move the camera/line from the old subscription to the new. Scroll down on the Subscription Page until you get to the My Services and Equipment section. This section will list your active subscriptions and any camera/lines attached to them.

Click the AT&T arrow underneath the plan that shows a line attached to open and see the camera/line information.


In order to remove the line from the subscription you no longer want it must be deleted. In most cases the camera is going to be out in the field, so it is very important that you write down, take a picture of or copy and paste to a document the cameras ICCID and IMEI numbers before deleting. Make sure that you have documented these numbers correctly or when you set the camera up under the new subscription the camera will not work until you go back to it and get the correct numbers.


Once you have documented the cameras numbers and ensured they are exact click the red X to delete the line. A Deactivation Alert will pop up. There are no deactivation or activation fees associated with this process however, when you attach the line to the new subscription you are changing to it will start the billing for that subscription and allow the data to flow.

Click Yes


A notification will pop up letting you know the device has been successfully deactivated.

Click OK


Now you will add the ICCID and IMEI numbers under the plan you are changing to. Remember in this example we are changing from Gold to Economy.

Click the AT&T arrow button under the new plan to open so you can input the cameras ICCID and IMEI and click ACTIVATE.


Once ACTIVATE is clicked it should show the line is pending. Refresh the screen.


After refreshing the screen open the line back up by clicking the AT&T arrow. It should exist and show an Active status. You should also see the old subscription with no lines present.


To remove the old subscription, scroll to the top of the screen to the Active Subscriptions section. Now you will see a red X button at the old subscription as there is no camera/line attached to it anymore.

Click the red X to remove.


A notification will pop up stating you are removing a subscription.

Click Yes.



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