Used All Data Before the Month is Up

Currently there is not a way to renew the plan via the app in the event you use all your data before the month is up. Don't worry, this is being worked on as we speak!

In the meantime you can submit a request below or give us a call at 888.618.4496, Option 3. We have agents available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM CST to assist.

How it Works:

In the event you run out of data before the next month renews there are two options available. As advised above you can give us a call or submit a request below and we will start your next month. This will reset the data for the month, bill for the month and change the billing date.

You can also choose not to restart your next month and wait. Data transmissions will cease until the billing date comes and the plan renews.

In both cases anything the camera has taken during the period of time it was not transmitting will begin transmitting once the plan is renewed.

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