2024 Vision Pro HD - Cellular

The Defender Vision Pro HD cellular trail camera is a high-performance camera for monitoring both your recreational and home properties while you are away, and it starts with our cutting-edge ALL HD ALL THE TIME feature. This innovative feature transmits images at least 5x larger than before, so you no longer need to request HD images through your Strike Force Wireless app to zoom in and see what you’re looking for. On top of that, the addition of the On Demand feature also allows you to request an immediate picture or video from the field to make these cameras even more convenient to use.


Equipped with dual carrier 4G cellular technology, from both AT&T and Verizon, and a high gain antenna and you will be able to transmit more images from remote locations to your mobile device or laptop than ever before. Also, with industry leading 0.135 second trigger speeds, 110 ft. night illumination range, and the best battery life on the market, you will have a camera that is a real workhorse in the field that will prove once again, why Browning is still…The Best There Is.


Model Number: BTC-VPHD 


Camera Features:

24 MP Image Capability


On Demand Pictures and Videos

Ultra-High Gain Cellular Antenna

Instant Photo or Video Upload Capability

Pre-Installed ATT and Verizon SIM cards

110 ft. Infrared Illumination at Night

Adjustable IR Flash (Power Save, Fast Motion, Long Range)

Adjustable 0.135 - 0.7 Second Trigger Speed

GPS Theft Protect Security System

External Port to connect a Booster Antenna

1920 x 1080 FHD Videos with Sound (5 sec.- 2 min. length)

Adjustable Detection Range up to 80 ft.

GPS Tagged Images

0.5 Second Recovery Time Between Images

SD Card Management Options

Illuma-Smart Technology Automatically Adjusts IR Flash for Perfect Night Photos

Smart IR Video

Long Battery Life from 8 AA Batteries (Not Included)

Battery Meter Functions with Alkaline and Lithium Batteries

Up to 8 Multi Shot Images

Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images

Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)

Picture Info Bar Displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, & Camera ID

12-Volt External Power Jack

Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card (Not Included)

¼” -20 Tripod Socket

Metal Tree Mount Bracket


Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $149.99


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