My New Camera Will Not Connect

If you have placed a camera on your account, performed the Cellular Test and are getting a failure or error message of any kind we have provided the initial troubleshooting steps below.

  • Subscription: Ensure your camera is on a Subscription and not Offline.
  • SD Card: We recommend using Sandisk, Kingston or Browning brand SD cards for optimal performance of your trail camera. We also recommend the SD Card be of standard size and not a micro SD card that must be placed in an adapter to be installed into the camera. Lastly, it is recommended to begin using your new trail camera with a new SD Card that has not been used previously in other devices as those devices (even different model trail cameras) can leave their formatting on the card making it hard or impossible for our camera to work with. If you cannot obtain a new SD card you can try formatting your SD Card with a computer to clean it. 
  • Delete: In your cameras Setup Menu locate "Delete All" and perform this. Note: This will delete everything on the SD card (should there be anything) and format the card to the trail camera.
  • Take Test Images: Return to the cameras Home Screen once you have performed the "Delete All" action and use the Enter button (E or OK) to take five test images by pressing the button 5 times.
  • Perform the Cellular Test

If the above attempts fail we recommend trying once more in a different location to rule out signal issues. You also should be outdoors and not inside a structure or vehicle. 

Should these steps not get your camera in action we advise you contact Customer Service. We have knowledgeable agents trained to provide you with the best assistance. 

Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM CST @ 888.618.4496 - Option 3


Please be advised that roaming agreements in place allow carriers to use towers they don’t own for providing coverage in rural areas. Some devices that use cellular service such as cellular trail cameras are not covered. This is often why your cell phone may have a good signal in some rural areas, but your cellular camera may not.


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