Removing a Camera

While we hate to see you do it, we realize there may be instances in which you wish to entirely remove a camera from the Strike Force Wireless account. This article will give those instructions.

Please be advised that removing a camera from your Strike Force Wireless account should always be done before you give the camera to someone else or return it for any reason. Removing it will stop the monthly billing for the camera along with all cellular communication and remove all images/videos.


1. Locate the camera: Go to the CAMERAS page of the app. Once there locate the camera and press the Settings icon. This will open the Camera Features page. Locate the Camera Usage section and press the Settings icon within it. 



2. When the SELECT SUBSCRIPTION window opens scroll to the bottom where you will find Delete Camera, press this.


3. A confirmation window will appear giving you the chance to not remove the camera by pressing the DO NOT DELETE CAMERA button or to procced with finalizing by pressing the DELETE CAMERA button.


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