Smart IR Video


We are pleased to introduce a new feature to select cameras in our 2016 lineup and forward. This feature will allow the camera to continue taking video as long as movement is detected and the camera is being operated in video mode. Please see the details provided below.


Smart IR Video:

This feature will allow a daytime video clip to keep recording as long as the camera detects movement during filming. If the subject stands still in front of the camera and the camera does not detect movement, the camera will end the video clip at the designated time chosen in the setup menu. The maximum record time for a video clip using this feature can be 2 or 5 minutes depending on the model. You can find this specific information in your cameras instruction manual.

To enable Smart IR video locate the feature in the setup menu, press the ENTER button once and the NO will begin to flash. Press the UP button once and the NO will change to YES. Press the ENTER button once to lock the selection and turn the feature on.



If the Video Length is set to 1 minute in the setup menu and the Mode of Operation is set to Video and it is daytime. When an animal comes in front of the camera the video will trigger and the camera will begin to record. If the animal stops moving and stands still in front of the camera the video will only record the 1 minute video and stop.

If the animal remains in front of the camera and continues to move (feeder, salt lick, etc.) the camera will video for longer than the preset 1 minute but no longer than 2 or 5 minutes (depending on model).



At night or in any low light situation where the flash must be used the maximum length of the video is 20 seconds regardless of what is selected in the setup menu.


You can ensure the model you purchase has this feature by seeing it listed on the back of the packaging under the cameras specifications.


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