Proper Camera Placement


  • The trail camera should be mounted at the same level as the target subjects chest. To capture large game such as deer it is recommended to mount the camera approximately 3' off of the ground.
  • The angle of the land in front of the camera should be taken into account. If there is any incline or slope you will have to improvise to position the camera correctly.
  • It is recommended to target an area approximately 25 - 35 feet in front of the trail camera.
  • We suggest clearing any debris such as branches or brush from in front of the camera as these things can diminish the results.
  • If you feel the need to mount the camera high make sure you aim the camera down to where the subject is expected to be. Keeping in mind that this will diminish the detection range causing the need for the subject to be closer to the camera.

Three Golden Rules

Waist High - Mounting the camera at the height of your waist will provide the best results.

Level Aim - Level ground will provide the easiest mounting experience and take the guess work out of mounting the trail camera on uneven ground.

Clear of Brush - A clear field of view will provide peak performance from the trail camera.

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