Pro Scout Software Upgrade - SD Card


The Pro Scout series trail cameras are designed to work with SD cards ranging in size from 8GB to 512GB. See your cameras instruction manual for the brands we recommend for optimal performance. Faster SDXC memory cards will have the UHS rating, or Ultra High Speed, represented by a number inside the letter “U.” U1 means it's 10 MB/s; U3 means it's rated at 30 MB/s. This refers to the write speed of the SD card. 

Some users may experience problems when using a SD card with a U3 rating. This can range from the display giving different SD card related errors to 0kb and/or unreadable files. The software upgrade and instructions provided below will resolve this issue. Should you have any questions or need further assistance our Cellular Support Services team is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm CST at 888.618.4496, Option3

Download the instructions below labeled: SOFTWARE UPGRADE - Pro Scout Instructions. Open and carefully read and follow.

Download the software below labeled: BTCDWPS.BRN. Do not open. Follow instructions provided.



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