How is my Browning Trail Camera Triggered?

Browning Trail Cameras are triggered by two things which are outlined below. Trail cameras are typically designed this way to keep users from getting blank scenery pictures and/or videos when leaves blow in the wind, etc.. Understanding how your trail camera operates makes reaching the desired outcome much easier.

Motion: The first thing our trail cameras look for, and most commonly known, is motion within the detection area.

Temperature: The second thing our cameras look for, and less commonly known, is a variance in temperature.


Once the trail camera sees both of these things it will then trigger and perform as specified by your settings.


The illustration above gives a visual of the trail cameras detection area. This also displays how the camera sees temperature variances. With this information in mind it becomes easier to understand that when a subject walks directly toward the camera it may not be seen as it is likely staying in one temperature zone.


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