Maneuvering the Setup Menu

Browning Trail Cameras are designed by an avid group of hunters who continually strive to bring the highest performing, most technologically advanced trail cameras with unmatched industry quality to the market. Browning Trail Cameras are also designed with the user in mind and a focus being placed on ease of use. While the placement of the buttons varies slightly across all model Browning Trail Cameras the same buttons are on each camera and the same general principles apply. Below a basic guide has been provided to aid in maneuvering through your trail cameras Setup Menu.


Turning the Camera On

When a Browning Trail Camera is powered on the display will light up and provide information. This screen is the Home Screen.


Entering the Setup Menu

From the Home Screen press the Mode Button once to enter the cameras Setup Menu. Models that have a built-in viewing screen will display a menu with the first option being Camera Setup; the Enter Button should be pressed to enter the Setup Menu. If the Enter Button is pressed when the camera is at the Home Screen an asterisk (*) will appear. This means that a picture or video has been manually triggered and you did not enter the Setup Menu by pressing the Mode Button.


Scrolling Through the Settings

Once you have entered the Setup Menu the cameras Up and Down Arrow Buttons are used to scroll through the cameras available settings. If you use the Down Arrow Button you will scroll through the settings in the order they are outlined in the cameras instruction manual. As you become familiar with the Setup Menu you will find some settings can be located more quickly by using the Up Arrow Button upon entering the Setup Menu.


Changing a Setting

**If you have a cellular trail camera it is recommended that all settings changes take place via the Strike Force Wireless app.**

When you arrive at a setting that you would like to change press the Enter Button; this unlocks the setting to allow for changes. Use the cameras Arrow Buttons to scroll through the options for that setting. Once you have located the option you would like to select press the Enter Button; this locks the change in. The Up or Down Arrow Buttons can now be used to scroll to the next setting you would like to change. When you have completed the changes in the Setup Menu pressing the Mode Button will return the camera to the Home Screen. From this point you can leave the camera powered on to start performing or it can be powered off to be used later.




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